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Authorised Partners

Our Experts

Our Experts

Dr. Chirag Matholiya

Early-stage investment

Dr. Chirag, the grant expert, has unlocked countless funding opportunities, transforming ideas into impactful projects with precision

Dr. Vishal Agravat

Early-stage investment

Dr. Vishal Agravat is the go-to expert in securing agricultural grants, sowing the seeds of prosperity in the farming community

Jimit Ghiya

Early-stage investment

Jimit Ghiya, the grant expert extraordinaire, has unlocked countless opportunities for businesses, securing funds that fuel growth and innovation

Shaily Jain

Early-stage investment

Shaily jain Elevating agriculture businesses to new heights, Shaily Jain is the go-to Agri Grant Expert, sowing the seeds of success in every grant application

Abhishek Rajpurohit

Tax Exemption Expert

With a wealth of tax knowledge and a track record of saving businesses millions, Abhishek Rajpurohit is the go-to Tax Expert

Rohan Gupta

Startup & Incorporation Expert

Guiding over 15,000 company incorporations to success, this seasoned expert is a cornerstone in the Startup India ecosystem, seamlessly turning business dreams into registered realities

Sirjan Singh Chibber

Investment professional

Elevating businesses to new heights through expertly tailored private funding strategies, Sirjan is the go-to authority for securing the financial future of your company

Kalpak Roy

Investment professional

Pioneering private funding strategies that fuel growth for businesses, Kalpak Roy is the trusted architect behind countless success stories, shaping financial futures with precision and expertise

Joy Macwan

Debt Loan Expert

Joy Macwan has skillfully assisted more than 15,000 businesses in navigating government debt loan schemes. Their expertise simplifies the process, leading to informed applications

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