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Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck/ Project Report

A Pitch deck is the first impression of your business Idea, it is visually appealing and informative slides to tell about your company. It connects the business's objectives, assessments, and vision. Almost always, the investors request that the pitch deck be mailed to them prior to the meeting. A pitch deck is essentially a brief presentation to the investor of the business idea.
A Pitch Deck is not just a presentation it tells the story of your startup so your Pitch Deck must tell your startup story. 75% of the startup fail to get an investment in-spite of having a great idea and team just due to their Pitch Deck. We, at Egniol Services craft your Pitch Deck in a way that it is aesthetically pleasing and articulates your compelling and interesting story.
Pitch Deck - By Egniol
Pitch Deck - By Egniol

Following are the few components of a basic Pitch Deck:

  • Business Introduction:  A short and simple summary of the business.
  • Problem: Mention the gap in the market that the business is proposing to fill.
  • Solution: Explain how your business filling the gaps in the industry.
  • Products/Services: Outline what the business is offering its consumers.
  • Revenue Model: Details about how a business is earning its revenues.
  • Market Opportunity: The current size of the target market, the forecasted estimations concerning the growth of the market.
  • Competitors: List the significant competitors and the competitive advantage over them.
  • Tractions and financials: Key metrics, revenue and expense figures, EBITDA, sale projections, profit, and cash flow forecasts.
  • Team: Introduction of the key team members, their designation, a summary of their experience, and their role to the company.
  • Roadmap: Current standing of the business and the breakthroughs it aims to accomplish with the capital raised.
  • The ‘Ask’ Slide: How much capital you intend to raise, and how will you utilize the funds.

Different kinds of Businesses and Business Models require different sorts of pitch-decks. The parameters differ in terms of investment, business nature, revenue model, company lifecycle stage, and other critical parameters. The goal is to showcase and highlight the positive features in the shortest amount of time and with the clearest way possible.
At Egniol, we have a competent team of business analysts with experience in a variety of industries. Our professionals will create a one-of-a-kind design for your story for your pitch-deck. For your company, our in-house team of financial analysts will provide a complete financial diagnosis.

Our consultant advocates update business plans as well as prepare the founders ready in-front of investors.

Pitch Deck - By Egniol

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