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Egniol Services is a leading consulting firm -Start-Up Registration services provider with 10,000+ clients. We offer a step-by-step consultation and Startup India registration process for new entrepreneurs to plan and move their startup towards success with several different StartUp Business Loans.

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Egniol Services, a premier consulting firm, is your go-to solution for Startup India Certificate and DPIIT Registration. With a robust client base exceeding 10,000, we offer a meticulously designed consultation and Startup India Registration process. Our objective is to propel startups towards success by offering a variety of StartUp Business Loans. Please note, our services cater exclusively to LLP and private limited companies, excluding sole proprietorship companies.

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Our Mission

We are staunch supporters of the Startup India Scheme, an initiative by the Indian government aimed at stimulating India’s economy through innovative products, services, and entrepreneurship. We offer assistance in obtaining DPIIT Registration, a crucial step that provides new businesses with tax exemption, Startup India Registration, access to government grants, loans for small businesses, intellectual property rights, and StartUp business consulting services.

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Providing any type of Startup Registration & Consultancy Help

Providing any type of startup registration help

The government of India has launched the Startup India Scheme to help the country’s youth find work and start businesses that will grow economically. Startup India’s mission is to boost India’s economy through product and service innovation and entrepreneurship. The advantages of the Startup India Program include reduced workloads, access to funding, bids on government contracts, and opportunities to expand one’s professional network. Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi officially unveiled Startup India on January 16, 2016.

We at Egniol support the mission of the Indian government’s Startup India Scheme and assist you with getting DPIIT registration, which provides new businesses with tax exemption, startup India registration, government grants and government loans for small businesses, intellectual property rights, and access to StartUp business consulting services.

Document We Require


Aadhar Card Of The Director

Authorization Letter


Company Details

PAN Card

Aadhar card

Bank Statement

Registration Proof

Incorporation Certificate

Company Detail

Our Services

We are here to guide you through the Startup India Certificate Process, explain the Startup India Eligibility criteria, and help you understand the Startup India Benefits. We also provide information on Startup India Funding and Startup India Initiatives. Our team is dedicated to helping you with the Startup India Recognition and Startup India Registration Process. We can help you understand the Start Up India Scheme Eligibility and assist you in obtaining the Startup India Registration Certificate.

What Our Customers Says!


"You delivered exactly what you promised: a seamless process to get our Start-Up certificate. Thanks to you, our start-up's future looks brighter than ever."


"Thanks to your team, our start-up's achievement of getting a Start-Up certificate feels like a victory. We couldn't be more satisfied with your service. Cheers to the journey ahead!"


"Navigating the complexities of certificate registration was effortless with EGNIOL as our trusted partner. Their professionalism and attention to detail set them apart."


"Making the right choice with EGNIOL for our certificate registration needs was instrumental. Their thorough understanding of the process and prompt assistance helped us achieve our goals effectively."


"Excellence personified! From the first call to receiving our Start-Up certificate, your team was incredibly supportive. This achievement is a milestone for us."


"With EGNIOL's expert assistance, our startup's certificate registration process became a breeze. Highly recommended for their efficient and reliable services!"


Choosing EGNIOL for our certificate registration was a wise decision. Their thorough understanding of the process and prompt assistance helped us achieve our goals effectively. Thank you, EGNIOL!"


Most frequent questions and answers

The Government of India has launched the Startup India Scheme to create wealth and jobs. The creation and invention of new goods and services as well as a rise in employment levels in India are the two main objectives of Startup India. The Startup India Certification is an initiative by the Government for the same. Get start to finish assistance, from obtaining to submitting the Startup India Registration Certificate from Egniol services now.

DPIIT StartUp registration is important, as it allows your StartUp to avail all the benefits provided under the StartUp India Initiative such as tax benefits, concessions on IPR Filing, and reduced compliances.

Age requirements for this program include a minimum age requirement of 18 years old. Company type: To be able to apply for this program, a company must be a partnership or a private limited company. Annual revenue: To be eligible for this program, a company’s annual revenue cannot surpass Rs. 25 crores.

Organisational Structure: Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

It is popular with small startups. The LLP provides a forum for experts and small service providers including architects, lawyers, chartered accountants, corporate secretaries, doctors, creative artists, etc.

The following three pillars, which are outlined below, serve as the program’s main sources of support: Offering financial support and incentives to the varied start-ups in the country. Fostering collaboration between businesses, academics, and incubators. supporting and condensing.

To avail the Startup India Certificate benefits, apply for Startup India Certificate now with Egniol service.

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To Apply for Startup India Certificate, please contact us. We can guide you through the Startup India Certificate Fees and help you obtain the Startup India Certificate of Recognition. We are here to help you with the Start Up India Certificate and Start Up India Certification process. We can guide you on How to Apply for Startup India Certificate and How to Apply Startup India Certificate.

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