Venture Capitalist

Venture Capitalist

Venture Capital Assistance is financial assistance in the form of an interest-free loan offered by SFAC to eligible projects in order to cover the deficit in capital required for the project's implementation.

It offers Benefits such as: -

  • Contribute to aiding agripreneurs in making investments in the establishment of agribusiness projects by providing financial assistance.
  • By way of the Project Development Facility, it makes financial assistance available for the creation of bankable Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) (PDF).
Venture Capitalist - By Egniol
Venture Capitalist - By Egniol

Who Can Apply – Eligibility

  • Farmers
  • Producer Groups
  • Partnership/Proprietary Firms
  • Self Help Groups
  • Companies
  • Agripreneurs
  • units in agriexport zones
  • Agriculture graduates Individually or in groups for setting up agribusiness projects.