Patent Registration

If you've come up with a new way of doing something or a new technical solution to a problem, you're entitled to a patent, which grants you an exclusive right to use your innovation. Applicants for patent registration must provide technical information regarding their innovation via a patent application, which is open to both natural persons and corporations.

Patents are governed by both national and international conventions when they are granted and enforced. A patent holder has the right to restrict others from commercially creating, using, selling, importing, or distributing his or her invention without authorization in most jurisdictions.

Patent Registration - Egniol
Patent Registration - Egniol

With end-to-end support from our professionals at Egniol Group of Companies, we'll help your idea get lawfully patented. India's leading legal consultancy firm, Egniol, provides patent registration and law services to inventors around the world, as well as comprehensive legal services to commercial businesses and other sectors of the economy.