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GeM ( Government e-marketplace )

GEM (Government E-Marketplace)

The Government of India has created the GeM (Government E-Marketplace) platform to introduce transparency to the previous Tender process for government procurement. The major goal of the Government E-Marketplace portal is to improve transparency, efficiency, and speed in both governmental procurement and employment. By registering through this portal, the seller as well as buyer can buy or sell their products to the government.

GeM eliminates human intervention in the vendor registration, payment, and order posting processes. Being an open platform, it offers no entry barriers for legitimate providers that want to do business with them. At each stage, purchasers and his association's president, as well as payment authorities and sellers, receive SMS and e-mail notifications.

GeM (Government e-marketplace) - By Egniol
GeM (Government e-marketplace) - By Egniol

What is GeM portal?


The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is an e-commerce portal for the federal government. It serves as a one-stop shop for the convenient online acquisition of consumer goods and services required by many government departments. Government E-Marketplace aims to improve public procurement transparency, efficiency, and speed. It offers tools like e-bidding, reverse e-auction, and demand aggregation to help government users get the most value for the money.

GEM registration allows manufacturers, small dealers, and service providers to gain access to a large and dynamic online platform where they may directly sell their products. Moreover, it also offers services to customers from government agencies, organizations, and PSUs. Meanwhile, it enables authorized governments to purchase goods and services directly from private traders and manufacturers timely and hassle-free.

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