Proprietorship Company

A sole proprietorship firm is a business structure in which a single person is in charge of all aspects of management, ownership, and control. Sole Proprietor of the Firm is the title given to the company's owner. There is no legal distinction between the promoter and the business because the business is run by a natural person. All of the profits go to the promoter. There is no formal registration needed for a Sole Proprietorship firm.

Due to fewer required legal documents and lower startup costs, the primary benefit of a sole proprietorship business is its ease of establishment.

Proprietorship Company - Egniol
Proprietorship Company - Egniol

Incorporation, regulatory compliance, advisory, and management consulting services are provided to clients in India and abroad by Egniol as an esteemed business platform. As a result of Egniol, incorporating a Proprietorship Firm is fast and simple!