Trademark Registration

An official trademark registration safeguards your brand name and gives you the power to stop others from copying your logo and profiting off of your goodwill. As a trademark (symbolizing a mark in trade), it refers to a mark that can be represented graphically and distinguishes the goods or services of one person from those of others. This may include the shape of the product or its packaging, or the mix of colors used in its packaging. You should register your trademark in India in order to safeguard your company's brand.

Basically, it's anything that can be used to identify a brand to the average consumer. Devices, brands, headings, labels, and tickets are all examples of a "mark." Names and signatures are also examples of a "mark."

Trademark Registration by Egniol
Trademark Registration by Egniol

Incorporation, regulatory compliance, advising, and management consulting services are provided to clients in India and worldwide by Egniol as an accomplished business platform. Trademark registration in India can be done quickly and easily with us. Egniol, a Trademark Registration Company, can help you register a trademark online and provide Trademark Watch Services in India. Make sure you know the steps to register a trademark in India so that you can prevent someone else from using identical signs and profiting from your business. Get in touch with us if you want to apply for a trademark or put your logo online.